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Official forums dedicated to announcements, news, information and feedback.


Here you will find news, information and updates related to the site.

Feedback and Suggestions

Leave feedback or post suggestions to improve the site's quality.

The forums and store for growing communities

Let's face it, the prices for forums and donation stores can simply be way too much for a community starting off. Shulker offers a completely free setup with affordable upgrades.

Your forums doesn't have to be ugly

We've spent countless hours designing the best looking forum on the market, not to mention it's completely free!

Make it truly yours
We mean it when we say make it yours, Shulker offers dozens of exclusive customizations other platforms just simply don't have.
Forums designed to please
We've handpicked many design choices and features from custom communities, giving you a truly unique experience. Widgets, user customizations, you name it.
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Purchase this package to receive VIP Rank! Please wait up to 2 minutes for the server to process your purchase.

And your store doesn't have to either!

Getting a store setup is so much work, making it look good? Even harder. Shulker truly takes all the pain away and gives you finite control while still getting to do all the fun stuff.

Secure by design
Security is pretty important for your server, that's why we ensure our integrations has absolutely 0. Our integrations are open source, feel free to use and abuse them for added peace of mind.
Stripe & Paypal friendly
Shulker can accept credit cards, banks, paypal and more with our custom built store.